Digital Astronauts Services USA is a leading Data Entry Services/Call center Services company in Snellville (USA). Founded in 2010, this privately owned and funded firm has been providing offshore outsourcing solutions and services which help our clients to more efficiently manage their business information and associated processes.

Our solutions and services put your information to work by delivering the right content to the right users at the right time. DOI customers accelerate their time-to-market, increase customer satisfaction, enhance supply chain efficiencies and reduce operating costs – improving their overall competitive advantage.

“We work hard to achieve success for our clients because when their company succeeds, we succeed.”

In dealing with clients, we believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible. We would rather be realistic and loose some clients, than begin making impractical promises. In the end, we believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved.

We’ve been working with global customers for over 6 years. Our continued success is dependent on their happiness with our work. Our “customer driven” approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model.

DAS is the place where highly competent people along with innovative technology combine to bring you the best Data Entry Solution and Call center services in the USA. We deliver services like BPO/KPO Inbound Call Center Services, Outbound Call Center Services,Financial Accounting Services,Data Entry,Order Taking, KYC Customer Service,Infrastructure setup,Multimedia Services,SEO Services,Outsourcing,2D / 3D Services,Web Enabled Customer Support Services.

How can we help you? It’s not just a question; it is our philosophy and the cornerstone of everything we do. Since Inception our focus has been to continually find new and better ways to help our clients “make profitable connections with their customers”. Whether by traditional telephone based contact, emails, chats or web collaborations, we make the most of every contact we make. You will find our staff responsive, reliable and innovative. Our turnover is low and our morale is high. A difference you and your customers will appreciate…

BPO Company epitomizes excellence in Business Process Outsourcing services. We at DAS Services Company division offer you world class Business Process Outsourcing services. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing solutions; IT enabled services and back office outsourcing services. Our commitment to quality services has enabled us to become one of the leading BPO’s operating out of USA.

BPO ” Business Process Outsourcing services” help you to cut costs and increase productivity. Our systematic approach for customers has made us the most preferred remote e-services companies, for companies looking for measurable business solutions.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry in USA is growing at a phenomenal rate of around 75 %, with USA emerging as the key destination for outsourcing. Customer service and support is emerging as the key factor that gives the requisite edge to businesses around the world.

In our tenure as a premium data entry service provider, we at DAS Data Entry have been able to transform the lives of thousands of clients who have continued to do business with us. Although we are based in USA, but our services are primarily targeted towards foreign clients. We specialize in the fields of data entry, data conversion and data processing, irrespective of project size. Our main goal is to provide our clients with service reliability compiled with cost effective measures in order to deliver client requirements.

To ensure we stay consistent in the field of work and deliver projects within deadlines, we at DAS Data Entry employ a professional working staff, all sharing the common goal of delivering consistent performance across fields. Both time and customer requests are deeply valued by our company, which is why we have a special managerial team in place to listen all client queries and related requests. To help assess projects in a better manner, our employees are taught to comprehend the dynamics of handwriting scrutiny and assess crucial board operations to the core.

Interestingly, nearly all our services are budget friendly and can easily be afforded by even small scale firms. To ensure we complete our projects on time and under the strict client guidelines, we help ourselves with highly customized data entry software’s that ensure consistent achievement of 100% precision. We currently have over 30 work stations around USA all equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to aid our working staff.

Being present within the corporate world for really long, we completely value the facet of keeping client data and project related information under wraps. To guarantee complete secrecy, we have a stringent privacy policy in place that is meant to be strictly followed by all staff members. To back up our policy, we constantly monitor and authenticate every information or document going in and out of the company. While your records continue to be in our safe vaults, we also make it possible for our customer to acquire customized services 24/7 through direct contact made either via phone access or by internet.

Currently, our portfolio for data entry service include Claim processing, Rebate processing Invoice processing, Legal’s processing, Resume processing and Survey forms processing. We also cater offline data entry services at seriously competitive price points for services such Card data entry, Indexing data entry, Hand written data entry, Logistics data entry and Deeds data entry. To keep accuracy rates dwindling around the 99% mark, we at DAS Services Data Entry look to apply the highly respected double entry methodology.

In USA, there aren’t too many web research services, which is why, we have managed to step into this brand new field with our own brand of web research services in order to aid various organizations, schools and universities within USA. Our main focus areas include Researches made on reference material, Internet research, Business and Management research and Educational research.

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